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Drawing of the life cycle of a bean


Photos of our first seeds in small greenhouses taken  january 20th , 21st and 31st


Pay attention on the fact, that agriculture is also a part of cultural a natural heritage of the country and the agriculture is the most important for food self - sufficiency of the country, biological balance and sustainable development of the country.

Don´t hesitate to use your smartphone at school to do the tasks above.
In times of trouble, deep depression or doubt please ask Mrs. Michael, Mrs. Duran, Mrs. Roos, Mrs. Neuschütz, Mr. Yetisen, Mr. Gries or Mr. Engels for some help.
As shown below:
From 19.1.19 on Dinorah and Kim will take care and to log by camera the first seeds of crobs and herbs in our two small greenhouses!!
Tasks finished:

1. finish and upload on g-drive video-documents about each school

2. prepare a list of crops with short growing period for the first short-term exchange of the groups of pupils in Spain (4-6 crops)

 Kim and Kimberley are discussing about the best way to to a life cycle of their crops

 3. prepare some presentations about these crops (growing conditions, characterization.... useful for the next textbook which will each country prepare for their own using at the school, one of the project outputs)

4. think about the "life cycle" of chosen crops from seed to fruit and final food

Lea S., Agatha and Lea O. are discussing about the best way to create a presentation

5. prepare some presentation about the region, traditional agriculture, climate of the country or region, environmental protection of the country according to food souvereignty (food self-sufficiency)and sustainability of the country, impact of climate on agriculture and its production


 The project group is working for the first output of the tasks for Nov. and Dec.


The senseBox will help us to contoll and to compare the growing results of our plants


Link for further information: www.erasmus-plus-ag.de

Support and help: Frau Michael, Herr Yetisen, Herr Gries, Herr Engels